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Alumni Members (Listed Alphabetically):


Name Membership Years Positions Rank Reached Memories
Allison, Anthony 1983- SPL, ASM, MC Eagle I had many years as a youth that were very enjoyable because I was part of this troop.  Many of my good friends this day were and still are members.
Amador, Rolando 1959-1962      
Ayr, Scott 1973-1977 APL, Patrol Scribe   Had some great times...meetings in the Lyceum, camping at TMR and Alpine, and just being with all my friends that were also scouts.
Baldwin, Steven 1979-1981 PL    
Balmes, Billy 1991-2007 ASM Eagle Well, I joined Troop 22 back in my high school days right before I received my Eagle Award. Even though I am not recognized as an Eagle of Troop 22, many of my awards have Troop 22 on them so I do feel at home here. Thanks for the continued friendships and fun we still have together.
Borgia, Nick        
Brown, Dick 1957-1962 PL, SPL   The years I lived in Brooklyn, attended St. Francis Xavier Parochial School, St. Augustine High School and was a member of Troop 22 were among the happiest times I can remember.
Callahan, Chris (Sr.) 1948-1954 PL (Flaming Arrow Patrol) Star I can't thank you enough for what you did to help mold my son, and I hope my grandson follows in his father's footsteps.
Callahan, Chris (Jr.) 1979- APL, PL, ASPL,. SPL, JASM, ASM, MC   Oh Boy There!
 Callahan, Larry        
Candella, Robert 1978-1989 APL, PL, ASPL, SPL, JASM Eagle Eagle Scout with Bronze Palm; Vice Chief of Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge & Vigil Honor Member of the Order of the Arrow; TMR. 1979-1984. Very fond memories of weekends at Camp Pouch and Camp Alpine. Troop trip to Washington, D.C., parades, breakfasts, Den Chief of Pack 22, etc.
Castaldo, John 1969-1979 ASM   Where do I start?  All I can say is that if it wasn't for this Troop, I really don't know what my childhood would have been like. This wasn't just a Boy Scout Troop, it was my Family.  I will always love you, Troop 22, no matter where you are. JJC
Chiusano, Robert (Sr.) 1955-1958 - Assistant Patrol Leader
- Patrol Scribe

- Great times camping, especially at TMR.

- The leadership and inspiration given to me by the Scoutmaster, Ralph Matteo.

Cioffi, Lou 1958-1961     I would first like to congratulate you on your excellent site!  Your photos brought back fond memories of summer camp at TMR and weekend trips to Alpine and Sanita Hills.  As a matter of fact, I am almost certain that I am in the parade formation photo in 58 - 60 pictures (5th row back, 1st scout on the right side).  After a long hiatus from scouting, I resumed my scouting career when my oldest son became a Tiger Cub.  Three years ago, I helped form Troop 691 in Seaford - Massapequa, which has grown to 45 scouts.  I will look through my old photos and scout memorabilia and I will try to find some things to help you out in your history and photo album sections.  Hope to hear from you!!

Yours in Scouting,
Colasuonno, Christian 1990-2001 SPL, ASM   What is that...
D'Auge, Ralph 1975- PS, ASM, MC Eagle  
Delaney, John 1956-1959 Scribe   Great leaders, Foster Lawrence and Ralph Matteo. Great man, Father Kean.
Wonderful times at Alpine, cabins, lean-tos, and 2-man pup tents; Foster and the hatchet man of TMR around the campfire. Old and fond memories to tell my 10 grandkids.
De Lucia, Michael 1967-1974 PL, ASPL   There is no doubt that what I am today is because of the foundation that Scouting has provided. Living the Boy Scout Law and staying true to the Scout Oath is what life is all about. They have been my guiding light without realizing until I look back at the decisions made along the way. And I am sure they will continue to be my guide. My Eagle Scout Award certificate is proudly displayed on my desk at work -- and has always been recognized and revered by my colleagues.

To the leaders -- Keep on leading and nurturing.

To the Scouts -- stay true to the Scout Oath and Laws.

Troop 22 -- Thank you for shaping my life.

Diaz, Henry 1983-1989 PL (Eagle Patrol), SPL   My years in Scouting were a blessing to me, especially during the troubled times in my life.  I miss hanging out with the guys, and I could never forget the times I had at TMR. I hope I get the opportunity to see everyone soon. Take care and continue on with the BSA pride!!
FitzRoy, John (Jr.) 1981-1990 PL, SPL Eagle Scouting is a precious gift we often only appreciate fully until we have exited our tender youth. Thank you to the past, present and future leaders of Troop 22.
Garzillo, Anthony 1988- MC   Still active in the Troop.
Gentile, Vincent 1977- APL, PL,  ASPL, SPL, JASM, ASM, MC  

THE MYSTERY OF THE BEGINNING OF TROOP 22 MAY BE SOLVED. This weekend (9/10/05) I was at TMR attending the Brooklyn Old-timers yearly weekend, and came across a 1929 Brooklyn Council Annual Report.

In this report, they listed the troops in Brooklyn, and when they were chartered and what area they serviced. In shock, I noticed that Troop 22 was originally chartered in Flatbush District on May 1920 with 16 scouts (4 tenderfoot, 10 second class, 2 first class). The scoutmaster was Alfred Galasi. The troop that serviced our area in Prospect Heights District was Troop 142 and chartered in June 1917. The scoutmaster was Gus Lehman. I think that the troop was formed at SFX by someone who was part of the original Troop 22 and that is how we got the vintage troop flag. Our chartered date of 1954 may be correct for the time that we started at SFX.

 Harrigan, Michael   PL, SPL, ASM   Hope everyone is doing well!!! Did I actually see Thomas Hunter at a 2005 event?? I better get stronger eyeglasses.  OH BOY THERE...OH OH BOY THERE!!!
Kilgore, Anthony 1998- ASM, MC   Hey, FI boy!
Labrador, Roberto 1980-1990 PL, SPL, ASM   Scouting was one of the best parts of my life. Thank you Troop 22.
 Leide, Eric 1992- - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
- Senior Patrol Leader
- Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
- Assistant Scoutmaster
  What can I say about the best Troop in Brooklyn?  The leadership is the best of the best.  Scouting would not have been the same without them.  Who can forget the first time I spotted a bear 3 feet away from me?  Scouting has been and always will be apart of my life.  Thanks to Troop 22... Thanks for all the support over the past years while I've been in the U.S. Navy.
Matteo, Ralph 1955-1966 SM   I was greatly impressed with the web site of Troop 22, however,  I am not surprised however at the professionalism of the site. Troop 22 has always attracted some of the most talented people at SFX.

The years I spent at Troop 22 bring back many happy memories, having seen our troop grow from a handful of young men to well over 100 scouts in a few short years.  It has always been recognized as one of the better troops in the Brooklyn Council, and that was mostly due to the scouts who were members, the fathers who volunteered as committee members, and, of course, the ongoing inspiration of our chaplain Father John Kean.

Best of Luck with your 50th anniversary celebration.

Ralph Matteo
Montemarano, Mike 1972-1974      
Murphy, John 1971- - Scribe
- Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
- Senior Patrol Leader
- Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
  "Godfather Patrol; do you have a appointment to see Don Pete?"

"Big Mac Patrol - Sound Off!"`
Nonnenmacher, John 1971-1981 PL, SPL, JASM   I can't believe Troop 22 has a web site. This is great! This site has brought to mind great memories. I wish I had the time to go back to TMR.  For those of you who can, go enjoy it while it lasts. I believe I went there five years in a row and would love to go back. I really miss the camping, the pool, the newts, Half Moon Lake, the stars, the stories by the campfire and good friends. I hope my boys will one day join a troop as excellent as Troop 22.  Thanks for making my day!
 O'Neill, Dave 1959-1962 APL, Leader, Explorer   Terrific site; it brings back memories of Alpine camp with Larry Langford, John Schrets, Frank Camoia, Greg Shorre and all the rest. Foster and Ralph were the best.  Father Kean was our Chaplain.
Rodriguez, Albert 1982-1986 PL   Great memories. Scouts helped build my character. Priceless!
Sandiford, Daniel 1998-2004 ASPL, JASM, ASM    
Suau, Jorge 1984-1992 PL - Raccoon Patrol   Some of the best times I had growing up were with Troop 22.  TMR, Pouch, Alpine, all have special memories.  Some better than others.  I've met some great people along the way!!  Thanks for the memories!!!
 Vasquez, Chris   PL