Aquehonga Directions

Method 1


Method 2

Take 3 West

Any of the left two lanes on 3 to 46 West

Right lane on 46 to 23 North

23 North for most of the ride

Watch out for the zigzag on 23 further up -
left, one block, right, and continue (follow signs to
Port Jervis)

After High Point, 23 will end at Port Jervis.
Make a left on to 6 West here

Follow 6 through Port Jervis

At the end of Port Jervis, 6 turns off to the right.
Do not turn; follow 97 instead.

As you enter Barryville, there is a fork off of 97 just past
the main intersection, for County Road 21.  Veer off to
the right and follow 21.

21 will eventually come down hill (watch your stomach);
At the flashing light, make a left on to 22.

22 will end at the TMR intersection and become 23;
don't take 23 - turn right on 26.  There will be a wooden
TMR sign on the right as you turn.

Follow 26 to the camp entrance, which will be
on the left just past a wide curve around a lake.
(The lake will be on your right.)

Follow the road into camp.  Park at the first lot you come across.