Aquehonga Directions

Method 1


Method 2

Take 3 West

Any of the left two lanes on 3 to 46 West

Right lane on 46 to 23 North

23 North for most of the ride

Watch out for the zigzag on 23 further up -
left, one block, right, and continue (follow signs to
Port Jervis)

After High Point, 23 will end at Port Jervis.
Make a left on to 6 West here

Follow 6 through Port Jervis

At the end of Port Jervis, 6 turns off to the right.
Do not turn; follow 97 instead.

As you enter Barryville, there is a fork off of 97 just past
the main intersection, for County Road 21.  Veer off to
the right and follow 21.

21 will eventually come down hill (watch your stomach);
At the flashing light, make a left on to 22.

22 will end at the TMR intersection and become 23;
don't take 23 - turn right on 26.  There will be a wooden
TMR sign on the right as you turn.

Follow 26 to the camp entrance, which will be
on the left just past a wide curve around a lake.
(The lake will be on your right.)

Follow the road into camp.  Keep going straight at the intersection (left will bring you to the lake).  You should pass the Scout Skills/High Adventure area on the left, then the Services building.  The road then turns to the left.  Follow it past the Handicraft Lodge, past the main office.  The road will swing around to the left, around the parking lot.  A left will then get you into the lot.