Troop 22, Circa 1948

Troop 22 originally chartered in Flatbush District in May of 1920 with 16 scouts (4 Tenderfoot, 10 Second Class, and 2 First Class).  Based on the ranks of the Scouts, the Troop would most likely have been active for some time before they were officially chartered.  The numbers themselves date back to the earliest known troops in Brooklyn.

With exception of the 1948 photo, we have a gap in historic information from this point through 1956, but if you have any, please send it our way!

In March of 1956, Troop 22 was reorganized at St. Francis Xavier, at that time in Prospect District.

Troop 22 remains and active, traditional troop.  Our members are active not only in the Troop, but in the District, the Order of the Arrow, and in the staffing of camps at Greater New York Councils.  A proud heritage, indeed.

Troop Charter at

St. Francis Xavier, 1956


The Leaders


1920 - 19?? Alfred Galasi
1956 1957 Donald Birkbeck
1957 1959 Foster R. Lawrence
Foster was a member of St. Francis parish and was the guiding force in the growth of the troop in the beginning.
1959 1966 Ralph M. Matteo
Ralph was the Scoutmaster of Troop 387 at St. Augustine's  from 1954 to 1958.  He came to St. Francis at the request of Father Kean.

Although he never was a Scout himself, he was a good organizer and manager.  Besides being our Scoutmaster, Ralph served as chairman of several District operating committees.
1966 1968 Thomas F. Moogan
Tom was our first homegrown leader.
1968 1994 Peter Fraenza
Peter was our longest continuously active Scoutmaster. As a Scout he was also a member of Troop 22.   Peter is still an active member, currently serving on the Troop Committee, and is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.  He is currently our longest-serving member.
1994 Present Steven Mazza
Steven is another home-grown leader who started out as a Cub in Pack 22 and then Troop 22.  Steven is an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow, and at various times chair of several District Committees.

1956 1958 Joseph A. Canale
1958 1967 Joseph R. Maceda
1967 Present Samuel J. Repole
 Sam is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.

Chartered Organization Representatives (Institutional Rep/Scouting Coordinator)
  1956-1959 John T. Redmond
  1959-1960 Foster R. Lawrence
1960 1965 Bruno P. Pizzimenti
1965 1969 Felice DeLucia
1969 1975 Jack A. Bonzani
1975 2018 Jack Murphy

Camping History


Ten Mile River

Year Camp Site Period
1957-1966 Ihpetonga Acquawan
1967 Aquehonga (Old)
1968 Kernochan
1969-1970 Ranachqua
1971-1972 Hayden
1973-1977 Aquehonga 5 Weeks 7&8
1978-2013 Aquehonga 4 Weeks 5&6
2014-2016 Aquehonga 4 Week 5
2017 Aquehonga 8B Week 5
  2018 Aquehonga 8 Week 5


Our Troop History is a work in progress, and the information in this section will continue to grow.  If you have any information that you could offer to help us fill in the gaps, please send it to us at  our History email address.